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“Chakisse Newton is a world class speaker with the rare ability to combine substance with inspiration. She will challenge you to reach for the stars and at the same time make you believe you can do it. By sharing her unique perspective and sense of humor, Chakisse uncovers something new every time she speaks even as she reinforces perseverance and plain hard work.”


Debbie Yoho
Division Director, TURNING PAGES/VOAC
SC Association for Adult Literacy Education

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Whether you need a keynote speech, breakout session or after dinner speech, Cardinal Consulting can provide a customized, entertaining and informative session that will help your team meet their business objectives and have fun doing it. Programs include:

Communication Skills:

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training
You are already a public speaker, whether you speak to an audience of one or one thousand. Each time you speak with another person, you are giving a mini-presentation that can inspire, persuade, inform or bore to tears. Wouldn’t it be great if you could guarantee that your next mini-performance would achieve the goals you want? Learn tools you can use to immediately improve your success and comfort while speaking.

You will learn:

  • How to be comfortable speaking to an audience
  • How to address the needs of your audience
  • How to prepare for a presentation
  • How to improve presentation delivery
  • How to put PowerPoint to use without putting your audience to sleep

Beginner, intermediate and advanced presentation skills training are available.

How to Get What You Want: Communicating for Results
How can you achieve what you want if you can’t express what you want? Leading business experts, CEOs of top organizations and top performers all agree that communication skills are the single most important skill for success in life and in relationships, yet we never receive training on this important subject. Even the most dedicated professionals can improve personal and professional relationships, increase their productivity, and position themselves to achieve their goals by improving their communication skills. This interactive session can be tailored to individuals or organizations. You will learn:

  • Practical tips and techniques to improve every communication whether written or verbal, professional or personal.
  • Why most communications fail and how to avoid communication pitfalls
  • How to increase productivity and effectiveness with better communication skills
  • How to communicate with different personality types and inspire/persuade others

Business Development Programs:

Small Acts, Big Impacts: Achieving Change by Practicing Kaizen
The latest scientific research confirms that the old Asian proverb “The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” isn’t only true, it’s also a recipe for achieving revolutionary results, overcoming procrastination and a practical approach to implementing change in your business, your relationships and in your life. Kaizen is the art of making small, seemingly trivial changes that yield significant results. Learn practical techniques that you can implement immediately to create change, innovate new ideas and achieve peak performance.

Sales Strategies That Really Work
Would you like to increase sales without investing lots of time and resources? You can. There are simple and cost effective strategies that you can use now to grow your business. In this interactive session, review proven, back-to-basics and Web 2.0 business development strategies including how to get your existing clients to buy more, getting more client referrals and how to help every employee become a member of your sales team. You will learn how to manage your client communications for maximum results, how to handle prospects more effectively and how to convert lost sales into profitable business relationships.

How to Recession Proof Your Business with Back to Basics Sales, Marketing and Client Relations
Is your business looking for ways to ensure sales growth despite of the state of the economy? You can. In addition to seeking innovative ways to improve the bottom line, many companies overlook some back to basics techniques to increase sales. This session uses real-world examples from different industries on best practices for everything from client relations and referral management to prospecting, up-selling and cross-selling. Want to make the most of the session? Come prepared to discuss your business and get real-time advice and feedback on your sales and marketing strategy.

Motivational Speeches and Humorous Speeches

The Cardinal Rule: How to Find the Extraordinary in the Ordinary
How do you live a fulfilling and extraordinary life in spite of the challenges? Hear entertaining, inspiring and touching stories of individuals who inspired others, found overcame adversity and inspired others by using the “Cardinal Rule” Learn to find the extraordinary in life, in others and in yourself.

Butterfly Moments: The Practical Person’s Guide to Changing the World
What does it take to change the world? Do you have to be rich and famous or make a revolutionary discovery, or follow in the footsteps of Mother Teresa? Fortunately, you don’t. Hear stories of ordinary individuals who had lasting impacts on the world around them without even trying. Learn to look for you own “butterfly moments” where you change the world without even knowing it.

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